Tranquillity, luxury and friendly Berber hospitality in the middle of the desert

The desert is a magical place. Tranquillity, clear skies, bright stars, shimmering vistas, intense colours, huge dunes and magical experiences. This can all be enjoyed in comfort at Erg Chigaga Luxury Desert Camp, either at the main camp or at one of our private or nomadic camps.

The main camp, situated in a quiet location and surrounded by dunes, can accommodate 18 people in 9 spacious tents (25 sq m). Each tent is equipped with ‘wall-to-wall rugs’, solar-powered lighting and handcrafted furniture. Each tent has en suite bathroom facilities.

For those seeking privacy or a slightly more intimate environment, we have two smaller camps situated approximately one hour by foot or camel from the main camp. These camps consist of two luxury en-suite tents, chill-out lounges and hammocks and are nestled in the dunes. The camp can be booked on an exclusive hire basis except during the month of April when we combine the two camps and construct one four-bedroom camp.

Nomadic camping is tailored to those who want to sleep in a different location each night. These are also privately run trips, with each camp accommodating between 2 and 6 guests. The nomadic camps are ‘semi-luxury’, with comfortable beds and fresh linen, en suite bathroom and chill-out lounge. Meals are served under the stars and cold drinks are always available. Nomadic camping is best enjoyed over a minimum of 3 days.

Your stay at the camp can be arranged in two ways. Firstly, on a per night basis, in which we also organise your transportation to the camp. Or secondly, as part of a package, where we book your accommodation in Marrakech and at a maison d’hôtes en route to the desert. Whilst most clients request packages of 7 nights duration, we can tailor-make a trip to suit your requirements and also incorporate other destinations in Morocco. Read more in the prices and packages sections.

The trip to the desert is an amazing voyage through a myriad of different landscapes. It takes about 9 hours from Marrakech, and provided you have time, should be enjoyed in a relaxing way over two days. The trip in the 4x4 should not be rushed—an early start is recommended but there are no deadlines and schedules other than arriving at the camp before sunset. Read more in the getting there section.

There is plenty to do at the camp: camel riding, trekking, sand boarding, guided walks, visiting the oasis, and enjoying the evening’s informal music and drumming around the camp fire. But to many, the ability to slow down, enjoy the vast empty vistas, and step back for a moment to think and reflect, is what makes the trip to the desert so memorable.

The camp is closed from 7 June to 31 August due to the extreme summer heat.